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Life At Warrior Media

Although our Warrior Ethos may make us sound like we are overly serious about our mission, we prefer to create an environment for our team that is fun, relaxed and feels like a second home. We play games together, we do team lunches together, we do walks to get coffee together and best of all, at our iconic office location in downtown Santa Cruz, we've spared no expense making our office environment an exceptional place to work!

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Meet Our Team

Tyler Bramlett
Tyler Bramlett Chief Executive Officer
Katie Bramlett
Katie Bramlett Chief Operating Officer
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Chief Financial Officer
Ingrid Anderson
Ingrid Anderson Chief Technology Officer
Ben Chargin
Ben Chargin Content Production Director
Carly Russell
Carly Russell Customer Experience Director
Jess Cruz
Jess Cruz Accounting
Connor Quinto
Connor Quinto Content
Elisa Silva
Elisa Silva Content
Mara Waldhorn
Mara Waldhorn Content
Amber Rice
Amber Rice Customer Experience
Angel Escobar-Leon
Angel Escobar-Leon Customer Experience
Angela Roland
Angela Roland Customer Experience
Courtney Nielsen
Courtney Nielsen Customer Experience
Helen Moses Happ
Helen Moses Happ Customer Experience
Kayson Jorgenson
Kayson Jorgenson Customer Experience
Lauren Vargas
Lauren Vargas Customer Experience
Christi Johnson
Christi Johnson Marketing
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander Marketing
Max Reed
Max Reed Marketing
Nina Moseley
Nina Moseley Marketing
Ryan Saplan
Ryan Saplan Marketing
Zachary Beaudoin
Zachary Beaudoin Marketing
Sierra Laird
Sierra Laird Not Applicable
Emily Charboneau
Emily Charboneau Operations
Andrea Horowitt
Andrea Horowitt Production
Bryon Raffetto
Bryon Raffetto Production
Jeremy Stotter
Jeremy Stotter Production
Mavy Wang
Mavy Wang Production
Shelby Clemons
Shelby Clemons Production
Allen Partlow
Allen Partlow Tech
Courtney Wachtel
Courtney Wachtel Tech
Hiram Neal
Hiram Neal Tech
Hiram Neal
Hiram Neal Tech
Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai Tech

Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Warrior?

We're always looking for amazing people! If you think you might be a good fit for Warrior Media, scroll through the job listings below and start the application process today!

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